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The Cork Series presents The Cork Pro. For all yoga practitioners and workout enthusiasts who love being one with nature. This charismatic mat combines precise infinite alignment design with the authentic eco feel, resulting in effective and zen workout sessions. As you rise into a downward-facing dog, this mat will inevitably amplify your experience, making you sense every bit of the natural texture of cork beneath you. Namaste!


  • Solid Grip
  • Optional yoga mat strap 
  • Impermeable, Waterproof & Quick Evaporation (1)
  • Antimicrobial (2)
  • Elastic & Resilient (3)
  • Generous Cushioning
  • Thermal Insulator (4)
  • Infinite Line Design (5)
  • Anti-skid Natural Rubber Base
  • Made to Last
  • Premium Packaging (6)

(1)(2) Impermeable & Waterproof properties are due to the natural presence of a waxy substance known as suberin, which makes cork repel gases and liquids. This also promotes quick evaporation of sweat and makes cork an antimicrobial material that inhibits the growth of mildew and bacteria.
(3) Cork's natural Elastic & Resilient feature is due to the strength provided by its air-filled hexagonal cell structure, which makes cork bounce back into its original state after compression.
(4) Cork is a natural Thermal Insulator that prevents the mat from getting too hot, making it perfect for a workout on your balcony or outside under the hot sun.
(5) Learn more about our Timeless Designs on a dedicated page. 
(6) Awesome as a gift. Surprise your loved ones and encourage a positive change in lifestyle! 


  • Dimensions: 185cm x 68cm x 4.2mm
  • Weight: 2.9kg
  • Colour: Natural Cork
  • Material surface: Premium Cork
  • Material base: 100% Natural Rubber Base
  • Environment: Minimal environmental impact

Care Instructions

  • Always roll mat with the cork side facing out (similar to how you received it).
  • Remove all jewelry and sharp objects before use to avoid scratches.
  • For basic cleaning, wipe down your cork mat with a damp cloth. For more thorough cleaning, wipe with a wet cloth and a recommended cleaning solution of 1 part vinegar to 4 parts of water. Alternatively, just use very mild soap and water. Do not apply any cleaning solutions directly on the mat. Do not machine wash.
  • For storage, roll the dry mat and keep it in a dry place.

Product colour may vary slightly due to the use of photographic lighting or your monitor/mobile screen settings.

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Advanced Features

Proprietary design for alignment lines of Asana Singapore

A substantial amount of time has gone into crafting, measuring, and developing our products, and even more time on testing them. Every millimetre of the mat's design is deliberate. Well thought through, yet simple. The designs are timeless and won't get old over time. It's guaranteed to enhance your workout. To learn more about the science behind it, check our dedicated page!

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Fantastic product.

Great yoga mat, one of if not the best mat I've used thus far. Grips well, does not slip and texture feels great! Not to mention that it looks pretty damn cool as well! Received lots of compliments on how chic it looked! Team at Asana was also quick to respond to my queries. 2 thumbs up :)

Asana Singapore

Thank you for the feedback, we are glad you like our product! :)

Yeeling J.
was pleasantly surprised

Have always been drawn to the look of a cork yoga mat due to the anti-bacterial properties, however, have always been sceptical how a cork yoga mat would feel So I reached out to Asana and they agreed to meet and get a feel of the cork yoga mats, I was sold! It's beautiful and so smooth to touch with higher traction than my 4 other mats at home. I love the markings esp. the 45deg lines and every day I strive to reach further than the mark I was at! Kudos for the quality product! Support the environment. Support local!

Asana Singapore

Thank you Jacqueline! We are glad you like our product :)

Louise W.
Eco-friendly and natural

I was mainly drawn to this mat as it more eco-friendly and I love the natural look. It feels amazing! The smooth yet grippy texture is perfect for yoga, stretches or HIIT. Very easy to clean too and doesn’t absorb the sweat. The alignment lines are helpful for self-correcting the yoga postures - especially during these times when we are doing home workouts and don’t have a yoga teacher. I got both the Cork Pro and Crow Pro so my husband and I can now do exercises together on our matching mats and motivate each other! We can switch between the mats and use whichever one we feel like at that moment.

Asana Singapore

Thank you for a positive review Louise! We are glad you enjoy our products.

Rachel K.
Gimme more Cork

Stylish, and very very easy to maintain! I’m not the best at mat maintenance so I appreciate that the cork material is fast-drying and doesn’t leave any unpleasant lingering scents. Got so many compliments for how cool it looks as well, and I use it for my daily yoga workouts and even HIIT training. It’s also grippy and doesn’t slip around, unlike some of the other mats I’ve used. It’s also very lightweight and I love carrying it around to yoga in the park! Highly recommend.

Asana Singapore

Thank you for a positive review Rachel! We are glad you enjoy our products.